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"B.O.D. possesses the “every-man”, street-level authentic qualities that should be required of any artist wanting to become a real “Rock Star”."  Jeff Legg - Metal Temple Magazine

"This power trio brought a performance that was beyond impressive...I was actually disappointed when their set came to a close as I would have liked to hear more of what these guys could put on the table." Thomas Corey - The Metal Storm of Oklahoma Blog

The ocean Albatross plunges into is wide and deep in terms of musical influences. Big Okie Doom’s formula is constructed from a hodgepodge of hard-rock and stoner-metal acts: Tool, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Clutch and … Tori Amos?" Joshua Boydston - Oklahoma Gazette

Big Okie Doom is homegrown rock, big bearded dudes with a big bearded sound... Inherit the awesomeness."  Johnny Chiba - Test Press

This sounds like if Black Sabbath were from Oklahoma and ZZ Top were singing."  Mike Wheaton - Revolution Radio 

"Big Okie Doom, a trio blending their individual styles into one rich, unique musical blend"... "Big Okie Doom, release's an EP in the spring through Oklahoma City-based record label Lackpro... "The proof is in the sound" Price Vernon said. One song mixes his brother's drumming style with Albatross' guitar licks.. "Heard separately, the French Quarter influence on Paige Vernon's drumming is immediately recognizable". “But you hear it with what Mike's doing on guitar, it changes the whole feel of the same drum part."